Learn the simple rules of responsible lending

Loans are a good solution for those who need sudden financial help or do not want to wait with the implementation of their plans and dreams. However, it should be remembered that liabilities should be contracted wisely and repaid systematically. All you need to do is learn some tips to borrow well and be able to fully enjoy the extra money.

Lenders often promise you to transfer funds to your account on the same day, pay off effortlessly and for free. Such assurances must be carefully analyzed.

The first step when taking out a loan is to calculate its total cost, taking into account both the interest rate and all additional fees. To this end, it is worth asking the lender about the total cost of the loan or using the APRC (Real Annual Interest Rate) indicator that loan companies make available on their websites.

Adjust the loan amount to your options

Adjust the loan amount to your options

Another issue is matching the amount to our financial capabilities. Don’t borrow over the state – it’s worth keeping this principle in mind. It is very important to check whether the loan will not affect your home budget too much.

That is why the next step is to compare our finances with the installment of a loan. With this in mind, you can start looking for a commitment to the most favorable repayment terms for us.

The basis is very careful reading the contract. If the dates are unclear to us, let us explain them, and in case of doubt, use a lawyer. Among the elements that should always be included in the contract is the full amount of the loan, including interest and fees, installment amount, repayment period and consequences of default.

Clear commitment and repayment rules

Clear commitment and repayment rules

If you have any concerns that the contract is unfavorable, do not sign it. What if we encounter problems paying back the loan? A quick response is the most important thing, so it’s best to contact the lender immediately. We help at every stage of borrowing and help to establish a new action plan in case of unexpected problems with its repayment.

In some cases, it is possible to change the terms of the commitment to those that we will be able to meet. It is important not to ignore calls for payment, Country Coordinator Good Finance Bank. More information on the principles of responsible lending and financial management can be found in the guide “Borrow responsibly with Good Finance Bank”, which is an important part of the new educational platform.

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